Get Angelspit's latest Album "HELLO MY NAME IS" for $12.

11 new hymns celebrating the Occult of the Corporation.
October 11th, 2011

"Mindblowing. Great band, super album. The future sound murderous!"

"...hard, terrific and merciless. The tracks progressively become more muscled and irresistible. "
-Sideline Magazine

"In every aspect, this album is a masterpiece of creativity. The attention to every expression of the presentation, from the placement of sounds, the melodies, the vocals to the very clothes they wear prove that Angelspit are artists for this new age of angst, digital living and protest."
-Coma Magazine

"There is no doubt that Hello My Name Is is the band's most accessible release. However catchy the music is, though, it is equally dark, terrifying, and driven by anger....If there was ever a time to listen to Angelspit’s music, now would be the time."
4.5 Stars - Superb!
-Sputnik Music

"Hello My Name Is, like the band itself, is a non-stop audio assault on all things that hold back creativity and freedom of expression.

"As catchy as it is disconcerting, as belligerent as it is melodic, the latest album from Angelspit is a full throttle assault on modern society. Hello My Name Is marks another tour de force from a band that remains vigilant in its mission to challenge to the status quo."
4 Stars
-ReGen Magazine

Hello My Name Is contains 11 tracks and celebrates the cult of the corporation, which has its own church, its own God and saints; its own rites, tarot, heaven and hell. Angelspit's only official statement: "Electro. Punk. F##k. You."


01. Cubicle
02. Counterfeit
03. Vermin
04. Catatonic
05. Monkey Byte
06. Defibrillator
07. Bullet Proof
08. Static
09. Jailbait
10. Deadly
11. Violence

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