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Angelspit's 2014 album, The Product - 13 tracks produced by the Mayhem Imagineer, Zoog Von Rock.
This album features digital troublemakers such as Helalyn FlowersChantMiss Ballistic, Alan Labiner, Chris Kling,Teknocracy, Steve Jones (Agent 13) and Adam Newman (Lab4), all centered around Zoog Von Rock’s synthesized mayhem.
Angelspit premiered three tracks from the new album at 2013′s Dragon Con, causing the audience to riot.
“George Bikos (guitars) and I spent two years making an album that is lyrically relevant, musically intricate and recklessly heavy,” says Zoog Von Rock. “This is Angelspit’s ultimate album…total sonic warfare!”

These superior quality MP3s have been converted from the 96K 24bit masters and encoded at the highest rate (320kbps).



  • 01. Hot Mess (Featuring George Bikos)
  • 02. Because God
  • 03. Ambassador (Featuring Miss Ballistic)
  • 04. Pretty Dead Boys
  • 05. Fight Dirty (Featuring Helalyn Flowers)
  • 06. Creeper (Featuring Steve Jones Agent 13)
  • 07. Baal Arise
  • 08. Velocity
  • 09. Cut Sick (Featuring Chant)
  • 10. Walk in the Woods (Featuring Teknocracy)
  • 11. Train Wreck
  • 12. Watch The Sunrise
  • 13. Weapon Of Choice


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