Get an Angelspit mastered remix, exposure to Angelspit's Club/Radio DJ list +PLUS+ $1000 worth of merch for your band!
If you are having trouble getting your band noticed, and want a KILLER remix but can't justify the cost, Angelspit has a solution! 
For US$800 Zoog will:
  • Remix your track into an ANTHEM OF DESTRUCTION!
  • Have your remix professionally mastered
  • Send your remix to over 300 Club/Radio DJ on Angelspit's DJ Promo List - these DJs are always game to spin new tracks!
  • Design and manufacture 2x silicon wristband designs for your band. Wrist bands are great selling merch items - both online and at shows.
    You will receive 250 of each design - 500 in total. You can easily sell these $2ea - totalling $ you will eventually get your money back!
    Zoog will oversee the design of the wristbands, as well as production! 
Please note:
Remixes normally take 1-2 months.
Turn around time for the wristbands is 4 weeks.
If you are interested in this deal, email and he'll answer all your questions.

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$800.00 USD