BECOME DOCTOR INSANE!! This contains WAV Samples of many of the sounds used on Angelspit's "THE PRODUCT".
Perfect for electronic musicians wanting use some of Angelspit's sounds. These sounds are raw and untreated - allowing you to EQ and FxCK them as you see fit. This will give the full sonic spectrum that was originally recorded.
Sounds include Doepfer modular sounds and loops, metal scrapes and percussion and analogue drums.
Some sounds are 96K 24bit, others are 44.1K 16bit (as these were recorded from the EMAXII and EMULATOR samplers).
Although this does not include remix stems, it does include some loops used on The Product.
LEGAL: You are ENCOURAGED to use these sounds. Please credit me (Zoog, Angelspit) if you use them.
No royalties are required.
Here's a list of everything:
These are just a few stems from 3 tracks. I included these not as Remix Stems, but interesting sounds that you could use:
baal_arise/ One track bounce (96kHz 24bit stereo). This contains elements of the abandoned phone line recordings.
fight_dirty/ One track bounce (96kHz 24bit stereo) of the AMAZING Mr Bradley R. Bills (from Chant) going INSANE! Please credit Brad if you use them!
pretty_dead_boys/ Five track bounces (96kHz 24bit stereo) of mayhem. Includes a circuit bent TR626 taking it's dying breath and a TR808 being molested through the Doepfer Modular Synth.
18x mono WAV files recorded at 96kHz 24bit. I used a great mic sou they sound AWESOME!
16x stereo WAV files recorded at 44.1kHz 16bit. These were recorded with Chris Kling in Brooklyn. These were mic'ed with a full drum kit mic they sound beefy.
110x These were recorded with a crappy camera mic in an abandoned building in Detroit. They are only 44.1kHz 16bit...but they were used extensively on Angelspit's album "THE PRODUCT". They have a really cool lo-fi grit sound.
These became drums, pads, basses...EVERYTHING!!
12x Emu Drumulator: 44.1kHz 16bit (yes, I stole these off the internet)
8x UFO Tube Drums: 44.1kHz 16bit. Made with my wonderful UFO-hunter friend in Nirvana.
45x Zoog Doepfer Modular Drums: 44.1kHz 16bit. Made with Angelspit's Doepfer Modular Synth
38x Sample banks for the EMAX1, EMAX2 and EMULATOR3. Some banks are made from Angelspit samples, others were sourced from the web. All banks were extensively used on the album.
NB: There are links to free software that will let you open/edit/save EMAX1/EMAX2/EMULATOR3 banks. I LOVE THESE MACHINES!!!
5x looped synth sounds. The REALLY cool things in here are in the "zoog_modular_saw" and "zoog_modular_sqr" folders. These are massive stereo multi-zone looped samples of 10 Analogue VCOs from Angelspit's Doepfer Modular Synth. These are wonderfully huge!

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