June 2008.
Angelspit's second full length album. Written and produced in Berlin, Germany.
11 tracks
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Hot off the success of their debut album Krankhaus, Angelspit have returned with a new barrage of ballistic electro punk in their new 11 track album Blood Death Ivory. The album will continue to blow fans away and disgust the status quo, as Angelspit experiment with sonic brutality combined with infectious and chemically sweetened melodies. Their tortured synthesizers, crushing bass and stomping beats get into your head and up to no good. Angelspit’s fierce yet seductive vocals distort beauty with chaos, doing violence to conservativism, apathy and a society fixated with consumerism. With the massive sounding Blood Death Ivory, it’s clear that Angelspit won’t be silenced.

01. Grind
02. Paint Hell Red
03. Devilicious
04. Skinny Little Bitch
05. Red
06. Kill Kitty
07. Lust Worthy
08. Shaved Monkey
09. Girl Poison
10. Homo-Machinery
11. Jugular

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