Cult Of Fake Digital Download

This Digital Download comes with 12 high quality lossless 320MP3s, taken from the 96K 24bit masters (Translation: They are uber awesome quality!)
Also includes 8page digital booklet and 4k wallpaper art.
CULT OF FAKE is Angelspit’s 6th studio album and was released June 6, 2016. CULT OF FAKE uses the harsh industrial percussion sampled from Angelspit’s early albums, but this time Angelspit has mixed these sounds with club destroying beats. CULT OF FAKE is Angelspit’s first album to focus on dance music.
01 Thanks For Your Cooperation [150BPM]
02 Eat Volts [136BPM]
03 Cult Of Fake [128BPM]
04 New Devil [140BPM]
05 I Am Trouble [133BPM]
06 Breath [115BPM]
07 Out For Blood [148BPM]
08 Happy Murderland [128BPM]
09 Sky High [130BPM]
10 On The List [125BPM]
11 Disaster Porn [136BPM]
12 My Little Blade [110BPM]

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