Angelspit's 4th album
October 11th, 2011
11 tracks

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Angelspit once again smash through preconceived notions of sound and style with their fourth release, Hello My Name Is. This marks the first full album created by Angelspit's new full lineup, to be released October 10th 2011.

Hello My Name Is contains 11 tracks and celebrates the cult of the corporation, which has its own church, its own God and saints; its own rites, tarot, heaven and hell. Angelspit's only official statement: "Electro. Punk. F##k. You."

"We have 3 albums and 5 EPs where we have explored and refined the 'Angelspit sound', now it's time for us to create something different, something we've never done before." says Zoog Von Rock, co-founder of Angelspit.

The addition of Valerie Gentile, Chris Kling and The Liar have enhanced Angelspit's sound and visual output. “The album is simultaneously saccharine and brutal," says Angelspit co-founder Destroyx, "a heady mix of pounding industrial beats, strong guitar riffs and and sweet vocal melodies."

The album was co-produced and mixed by Alan Labiner. "[Alan] is going to do to Electro Punk music what Dr. Dre did to hip-hop: make it AMAZING," says Zoog.

01. Cubicle
02. Counterfeit
03. Vermin
04. Catatonic
05. Monkey Byte
06. Defibrillator
07. Bullet Proof
08. Static
09. Jailbait
10. Deadly
11. Violence





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