Hideous and Perfect - Angelspit's 3rd Album
12 tracks
September 9th, 2009

"From start to finish Hideous and Perfect is a smartly written powerhouse of an album, magnificently improving on Angelspit's previous work while maintaining the band's distinct sound and feel."
- Trubie Turner, ReGen magazine

"When you couple this with the themes thrust out by the twelve tracks of deviousness on offer...you can see that this is not only some kind of a concept album (perhaps, without intent) but also something that has the capability to hit home, hit hard, and hit with stealth. The band's audience will happily 'eat distortion'."
- Sphere Magazine

"...the more you walk through their sonic universe the more you are convinced that they perfectly know what they're doing. This album sounds like a big kick in your ass or Mike Tyson hitting you right in the face! It's hard and merciless, cold and powerful or yet wild and kinky! With songs like "Making Money", "Sleep Now", "Channel Hell" and "Princess Chaos (featuring Donna Lynch)" the new Angelspit hits really hard! This band is definitely an unique sonic experience while their artwork also deserves a special mention."
- Side-line.com

"For an album which basically extends its middle finger at the conventions of electro-industrial and EBM genres, Hideous and Perfect has amazingly strong production values and a clean style that balances out the raw, rough instrumentation and harsh lyrics. The result is a mix that will make your heart race and your fists clench, but won’t exhaust your ears with an oppressive blanket of distortion. On a good system (decent headphones work too, but not as well), you can hear even the tiniest synth patterns creeping in the background, even as you’re being bludgeoned with huge industrial riffs and sternum-stabbing bass."
- Fear.net

This Digital Download comes with 12 high quality lossless 320MP3s, taken from the 96K 24bit masters (Translation: They are uber awesome quality!)
Also includes three different versions of the 8page digital booklet (European, Japanese and American version) plus photos.

Hideous and Perfect promises to be Angelspit's darkest release to date with its sonic textures ranging from hard pounding beats, to organic atmospheric samples, topped off by a feverishly powerful male and female dual vocal assault.

Hideous and Perfect is a vicious concoction of industrial guitar riffs, clever hooks and pathologically disturbed synths. Consisting of 12 harsh, heavy and deliberate tracks set to self destruct, Hideous and Perfect is challenging as it is catchy.

Angelspit's aesthetic concept is equally as iconic as their musical statement, as they continue to develop their fierce design and fashion aesthetic. Visually arresting photography and bold typography characterises the album's striking artwork making Hideous and Perfect a defining album of the industrial genre.

Track Listing:
01. Ditch The Rest - 3:51
02. Cold Hard Cash - 4:06
03. Fink - 3:44
04. Fuck The Revolution - 3:55
05. On Earth - 1:15
06. Making Money - 4:38
07. Sleep Now - 4:33
08. Channel Hell - 4:00
09. Let Them Eat Distortion - 3:36
10. Hyperlust (Feat. Synths by Agent13) - 4:20
11. Princess Chaos (Feat. Donna Lynch from Ego Likeness) - 3:35
12. As It Is In Heaven - 5:58

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