Release Date: March 1st, 2000
Zoog's band before Angelspit.
Five original tracks plus 4 remixes.
Please note, these are high quality 320MP3s. You can download lower quality versions FOR FREE from Jekyll Switch's Facebook.

1 Skin Jeweller 5:16
2 Salary Man 5:01
3 Dead Leading the Blind 5:15
4 Circles and Lines 3:57
5 Spare Ribs 7:25
6 Yellow Sediment (Circle and Lines remix by Greycode) 7:16
7 Pen Pusher (Salary Man remix by Bill Barsby and Zoog Von Rock) 5:56
8 Smells like Bacon (Spare Ribs remix by Zoog Von Rock) 5:06
9 Socket Love (Dead Leading the Blind remix by Zoog Von Rock) 4:32

Jekyll Switch terrorised Australia’s East Coat from 1999 to 2003. Their wild live shows quickly earned them a raucous reputation. They only released one album, but were working on a second when the band disbanded.
Matthew Syres is a professional photographer in Sydney and still haunts audiences with his noise guitar prowess.
Adam Lincoln and Bill Barsby went on to form The Diversion Committee.
Mr Grey continues work with is project GREYCODE and is now an established sound engineer working in the USA.
Zoog Von Rock formed Angelspit with Destroyx.

Jekyll Switch's Facebook.



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