Get Angelspit's first album "KRANKHAUS" for $12.

This comes in a metal tin with the CD. No booklet is included.

14 tracks

6th of 6une, 2006.

Trubie Turner from VIRUS! Magazine reviews KRANKHAUS
"Distinctive, harsh, aggressive, and sexy, Angelspit’s first full length album is an explosion of energy that gets stuck in your head like shrapnel."

THE DOSE magazine reviews KRANKHAUS
"Best Release according to DOSE#1"

Mick Mercer reviews KRANKHAUS
"Overall this is a fantastic debut from a band who have taken their time wisely (right down to the exquisite artwork) to offer musical malice aforethought..."

Chain D.L.K. reviews KRANKHAUS
"Yes – this CD ROCKS, because like on their already discovered debut, Destroyx and ZooG combine harsh and attacking guitar riffs with stomping rhythms patterns which offer a special dedication to distortion effects and male/female vocals standing alone or as a duet. Possible musically relationship can be found somehow to (other Instustrial rock bands), but – with any respect to both acts – ANGELSPIT have so much more to offer."

14 tracks of blisteringly fat synths, with angry distorted beats and scathing vocals, which outline themes of horror, medical experimentation and the beautifully grotesque. Krankhaus comes with a sixteen page colour booklet featuring luscious photography and detailed artwork. The music and imagery of Krankhaus is complex, rich and disturbing.

Krankahus Track listing:
01. A la Mode, A la Mort
02. Vena Cava
03. Elixir
04. 100%
05. Juicy
06. Flesh Stitched onto a Frame
07. Make You Sin
08. Get Even
09. Dead Letter
10. Black Wine
11. Scars and Stripes
12. Create Desire
13. Wolf
14. Wreak Havoc


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