Hideous and Perfect Remix CD #1
RELEASED 10:10:10
7 remixes, 4 NEW Angelspit tracks

  • 11 tracks
  • High quality PDF of original artwork
  • iTunes booklet
  • Additional photos
  • Sleep Now Video
  • Video teaser
  • Selected interview
  • Additional photos and "behind-the-scenes" shots
  • Tour Diary videos from Angelspit's 2010 UK tour

Angelspit's new remix CD "Larva Pupa Tank Coffin" mutilates the darker side of Electro with 4 new tracks and 7 remixes (3 by Angelspit) giving a deadly 11 track remix CD.

Angelspit has once again produced stunning and elaborate artwork with help of Australia's leading fashion Photography crew (Photography: Helen White, Makeup: Karen Hopwood, Hair: Lyndall Vile & Lynn Nguyen, Photo shoot Assistance: Warren Beaton, Clare Beaton, Garrick Charter, Brad Wylie, Hugh Burley,Tama & Sasha (Outsight). Shot at the massive Studio Kite in Sydney Australia.

The remix CD will also be accompanied by a new video for the track "Sleep Now" by Thomas Marcusson, Stephanie Rajalingam and Ole Magnus Saxegard.

Remixers include Australia's veteran Electro-Industrial master Dave Foreman (Tankt), US/European Electro wizard Mark Knight (Cage 23), and Koe Soleil's mix of Harsh Euro-Electro and Visual Kei (Noir du'Solei). Combined with Angelspit's self-massacred remixes, "Larva Pupa Tank Coffin" is guaranteed to make you bleed.

01. Sleep Now (Angelspit Remix)
02. Fink (Noir du'Soleil Remix)
03. Twenty6hundred (Unreleased Angelspit track)
04. Ditch the Rest (Angelspit Remix)
05. Sleep Now (Dave Foreman Remix)
06. Not born, Hatched (Unreleased Angelspit track)
07. Ditch the Rest (Cage23 Remix)
08. Hell was made Flesh (Unreleased Angelspit track)
09. Fink Lunarmix (Noir du'Soleil Remix)
10. Massive (Unreleased Angelspit track)
11. Princess Chaos (Angelspit Remix)

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