Get Angelspit's first release "NURSE GRENADE" for $12.

Nurse Grenade
Six tracks plus 4 remixes
October 2004.

"Energetic, stylised and seething with analogue texture and heat, the web release of cyberpunk duo Angelspit’s EP promises to tear a cruel hole in the face of Sydney gothic/industrial music."
- Australian Gothic

A Riot grrrl with a vocoder and a cyberpunk with a distortion pedal create a high energy collision of crunching guitars, distorted beats and analogue mayhem.

Six tracks plus 4 bonus tracks of Angelspit remixing other bands. Packaged in a clear slimline case with DIY riveting and transparencies hand made by Angelspit.

Track listing:
01. Maggot
02. Fuck Fashion
03. Head Kult
04. Infect
05. Meat
06. Nurse Grenade
07. HeadFuck (Remix)
08. Psychic Vampire (Electro-NecroPunk 8bit crunch remix of Ikon's "Psychic Vampire")
09. I Feel Disease (Bass thumping non-stop chaos Industrial Punk remix of Angel Theory's "I Feel Disease")
10. Shit Fed (Cyber debauched remix of Anxiety Whispers' track "Spoon Fed")

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