May 16, 2012.

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What started out as a friendly remix competition disseminated into all-out-war, when eight of the dirtiest wizards in electro jumped on-board and turned it into a battle ground.

"After we picked the top 5 entries, eight professional remixing manics hi-jacked it. The thirteen tracks in RE//FIBRILLATOR have sonically-ravaged the original in every way imaginable". - Zoog Von Rock

Contributors include: Brian Doviak, Patterns in the Ivy, The Organization of Broken Toys, Mal.Entropy, Needle Factory, Rodney Anonymous, Flesh Eating Foundation, Lux Voltaire, The Judas Coven, Addambombb, Pull Out Kings and Angelspit.



Defibrillator (Brian Doviak Remix)

Winner in Angelspit's 'Defibrillator Remix Competition'.


Defibrillator (Patterns in the Ivy Remix)
Tied second place in Angelspit's 'Defibrillator Remix Competition'
Remix by John Pearson and Yashashwi Sharma.


Defibrillator (The Organization of Broken Toys "Black Lagoon" Mix)
Tied second place in Angelspit's 'Defibrillator Remix Competition' 
Remix by Zir the Swamp Monster. Zir appears courtesy The Organization of Broken Toys.


Defibrillator (Mal.Entropy "Snow Bunny Overboard" Remix)
Tied third place in Angelspit's 'Defibrillator Remix Competition'
Remix by Williamentropy (AKA Will Sipila) .


Defibrillator (Needle Factory Remix)
Tied third place in Angelspit's 'Defibrillator Remix Competition'. and


Defibrillator (Rodney Anonymous "Anonymix" Remix)
Mr. Anonymous appears courtesy of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.


Defibrillator (Flesh Eating Foundation "MONSTROUS" Remix)
Remix and additional production by Flesh Eating Foundation
Courtesy of Glory and Honour Records. and


Defibrillator (Lux Voltaire "Targa Florio" Remix)
Producer : Luthor X Voltaire
Production House : Barbed Wireless Productions.


Defibrillator (The Judas Coven Remix)
Additional retched kaos by A+D+A+M
The Judas Coven (dis)appears Courtesy of Test Pilot Recordings.


Defibrillator (Addambombb's 80s from Hades Remix)
Remix by AddamBombb. Thanks to Jaan Rae.


Defibrillator (Pull Out Kings Remix)
Remix produced by Z.Marr and Zach Solem

Additional programming: Z.Marr
Additional vocals: Penivek "Penni" Arcade
Pull Out Kings appear courtesy of GZK Music. and


Defibrillator (Angelspit Remix)
Remix by Zoog Von Rock.



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