March 2014

Angelspit's fifth full length album. 13 tracks

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Angelspit's fifth album "THE PRODUCT" is an anthem to sonic warfare. Thirteen tracks produced by the chaos Imagineer, Zoog Von Rock, released March 2014.
THE PRODUCT features digital troublemakers such as Helalyn FlowersChantMiss Ballistic, Alan Labiner, Chris Kling, Teknocracy, Steve Jones (Agent 13) and Adam Newman (Lab4), all centered around Zoog Von Rock’s synthesized mayhem.
THE PRODUCT throws the listener in the middle of all-out sonic war...and leaves you with the feeling that we're winning. The music is powerful and driving laced with dark and sweet melodies, pounding beats, intelligent and relevant lyrics - with a twist of sarcasm. The musical theme is Lullabies for the Anti Christ - melodies that are sometimes sweet, sometimes manic yet always disturbing - accompanied with raw and brutal music.

"I traveled all over the USA recording everything from abandoned telephone lines in El Paso Texas, to demolished buildings in Detroit, to synthesizers build by UFO hunters in Nevada, to circuit benders in Arizona. This gave the album an massive and driving sound."
-Zoog Von Rock

Once again, Angelspit's aesthetic concept is equally as iconic as their musical statement. Fierce design and fashion, visually arresting photography and bold typography characterizes the album’s striking artwork making THE PRODUCT dark, horrific and beautifully menacing.

Track listing:
01. Hot Mess (Featuring George Bikos)
02. Because God
03. Ambassador (Featuring Miss Ballistic)
04. Pretty Dead Boys
05. Fight Dirty (Featuring Helalyn Flowers)
06. Creeper (Featuring Steve Jones Agent 13)
07. Baal Arise
08. Velocity
09. Cut Sick (Featuring Chant)
10. Walk in the Woods (Featuring Teknocracy)
11. Train Wreck
12. Watch The Sunrise
13. Weapon Of Choice

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