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October 2014

Angelspit are out to prove that alternative music is thriving with THE RECALL – the new 23-track remix album. No genre is safe as the nastiest bands from the underground declare war and obliterate dance floors!

THE RECALL started as a remix competition but turned into a battle ground as EBM, EDM, Trance, IDM, Dubstep, Glitch and Electro Punk went head-to-head to produce a killer release united by the chaotic sounds of Angelspit.

“It’s getting harder for people to find new bands, so we’ve gathered the best new talent together on THE RECALL – You will discover a new favourite band on this!"
- Zoog Von Rock (Angelspit)

Top three remixes came from Beatdrop, Dirt and DJ Addambombb.

Runner-ups were Avarice In Audio, Soulcyber, Dirty Basscore, Spermblaster and Flesh Eating Foundation.

Other bands include:
Temple of Fools, Cell Zero, DroneAsylum, Emptyset, Invrader, Mickle Blvd, Xris SMack! & Ashley Bad, Needle Factory, Noize Level, Rude Quasar, Seraphim System, Spark Chamber and True Fallacy

THE RECALL also comes with THE SUPPLEMENT – 30 tracks that push it harder, darker and crazier – this is the new blood you need to know about!



  • Ambassador (Angelspit) – Beatdrop Remix (Winning Remix)
  • Ambassador (Angelspit) – Dirt Remix (Winning Remix)
  • Ambassador (Angelspit) – DJ Addambombb Remix (Winning Remix)
  • Train Wreck (Angelspit) – Flesh Eating Foundation Remix (Runner-up Remix)
  • Cut Sick (Angelspit) – Spermblaster Remix (Runner-up Remix)
  • Ambassador (Angelspit) – Avarice In Audio Remix (Runner-up Remix)
  • Ambassador (Angelspit) – Soulcyber Remix (Runner-up Remix)
  • Cut Sick (Angelspit) – Dirty Basscore Remix (Runner-up Remix)
  • Ambassador (Angelspit) – DroneAsylum Remix
  • Ambassador (Angelspit) – Emptyset Remix
  • Ambassador (Angelspit) – Flesh Eating Foundation Remix
  • Ambassador (Angelspit) – Invrader Remix
  • Ambassador (Angelspit) – Noize Level Remix
  • Cut Sick (Angelspit) – Mickle Blvd Remix
  • Fight Dirty (Angelspit) – Cell Zero Remix
  • Fight Dirty (Angelspit) – Flesh Eating Foundation Remix
  • Fight Dirty (Angelspit) – Seraphim System Remix
  • Fight Dirty (Angelspit) – True Fallacy Remix
  • Pretty Dead Boys (Angelspit) – Xris SMack! & Ashley Bad Remix
  • Pretty Dead Boys (Angelspit) – RudeQuasar Remix
  • Pretty Dead Boys (Angelspit) – Temple of Fools Remix
  • Train Wreck (Angelspit) – Needle Factory Remix
  • Train Wreck (Angelspit) – Spark Chamber Remix

>> More information about THE SUPPLEMENT (Free Download)


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